NDIA Strategic Priorities

NDIA engages thoughtful and innovative leaders to promote the best policies, practices, products and technology for warfighters and others who ensure the safety and security of our nation.

  • Champion issues that contribute to the strength, resiliency and capacity of the industrial base
  • Build a vigorous, responsive and collaborative community in support of defense and national security
  • Convene legal and ethical forums for exchange of ideas, information, viewpoints and capabilities

These papers cover issues critical to the Defense Industry and Small Business. Learn what NDIA is doing to strengthen our nations security.

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Spur continued Defense Acquisition System Improvement

Budgetary Stability for a Volatile 21st Century Security Environment

Promote Dynamic Government-Industry Collaboration

Embrace the “Millennial Industrial Base”

Deliver Cutting-Edge Technologies through Defense Innovation

Support Small Business Growth and Opportunities with the Defense Community