Navy Gold Coast Success Story – Plural Additive Manufacturing

Plural Additive Manufacturing, Inc.
Non Traditional Government Contractor
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Plural Journey to the Navy

In the summer of 2016 Mr. Ed Israel, President and Co-founder of Plural Additive Manufacturing was introduced to Ms. Shirley Adams as a person knowledgeable in the area of small business and military contracting. Mr. Israel told her “I was highly skeptical of going after military business and as a small company there was just not the time, energy, or inclination to invest in a relationship.”

After a series of conversations about the Navy’s interest in Additive Manufacturing (AM), Mr. Israel agreed that there might be value in pursuing government contracts and decided to attend the 2016 Navy Gold Coast Event.

“I was a fish out of water at the event”, said Mr. Israel. After sitting in on the panel about Additive Manufacturing, Mr. Israel approached one of the panelists from NUWC Keyport and set up a meeting in Keyport. During the Keyport meeting Mr. Israel was introduced to another gentleman who oversaw their AM operation. As a result of this meeting and the meeting at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Plural Additive Manufacturing has been awarded over $250,000 in contracts. The rest is Plural history.

“Attending the NDIA Navy Gold Coast Small Business Procurement Event started me on a path to Keyport and then meeting people from warfare centers all over the country. I have met some of the finest people in my career. They have been honest, straight shooting and have a passion for their work.”, said Mr. Israel.

Plural AM is close to putting an agreement together which would kick off an R&D project that if successful, could greatly impact the Navy’s ability to institute AM around the globe. Mr. Israel added, “This may open a door, changing the face of Plural as we know it today and, believe it or not, drive a new division ‘Plural Federal’, a division of the company whose sole purpose would be to support AM in the military.”

Plural Additive Manufacturing is pleased to sponsor the STEM Teams participating in the 2019 NDIA Navy Gold Coast Event.

Please look for Mr. Ed Israel at the upcoming Navy Gold Coast Event.