Butler, Shelby

NAVAIR Office of Small Business Programs

Mr. Shelby Butler aspired to be a rocket scientist and began his professional career at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, FL, where he worked with Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators for
the Ulysses and Galileo Spacecraft missions that explored the Sun and Jupiter, respectively.

He also developed procedures and performed underwater training for the astronauts’ Extra-Vehicular Activities on the Hubble Space Telescope repair missions.

Mr. Butler was central to the start-up of three high tech businesses, where he participated as co-owner of an Engineering & IT corporation for 14 years. He has worn many hats as a small business owner to include: Visionary, Strategic Planner, General Manager, Spokesperson, Business Developer, Program Manager, Technical Subject Matter Expert, Operations Manager, Capture
Manager, Review Team Lead – (Black Hat, Green Team, Pink Team, Red Team, & Gold Team), Proposal Writer, and Financial Manager, just to name a few. He understands the thrill of contract
award victory and the agony of proposal defeat. His company built coalitions with other businesses and won Government and commercial contracts, maintained GSA schedules, along with acquiring
8(a) certification.

Mr. Butler rejoined the Department of the Navy and later became the Director of Acquisition for Rapid Response & Irregular Warfare, leading the effort aimed at the award of a $5 Billion Multiple Award Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (MAIDIQ), multi-platform procurement vehicle for NAVAIR. He also served as a Technical Director for NAVAIR, prior to becoming the Director of the OSBP.