Thompson, Marita F.

Office of Small Business Programs
Navy Strategic Systems Programs (SSP)

Ms. Marita F. Thompson assumed the responsibilities of the Director for Small Business Programs at Navy Strategic Systems Programs (SSP) in December of 2013. SSP is the Nation’s premier provider of cost effective, safe, and secure nuclear sea-based strategic deterrent systems and related technologies.

Ms. Thompson serves as the chief advisor to the Director of SSP, and agency leadership, on all small business matters. Ms. Thompson has been charged with overseeing small business acquisition policy as it relates to SSP; maximizing the contributions of small business in SSP acquisitions; and fostering opportunities to leverage small business to strengthen the competency, commitment, and capability of the industrial base that fulfills SSP’s mission of life cycle support for the Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles (SLBM) and associated systems that make up the Strategic Weapons System (SWS), installed on Ballistic Missile Submarines in support of the warfighter.

Since 2013, Ms. Thompson has served on the Department of Navy Small Business Council (DON SBC), promoting strategic small business program oversight that proactively seeks to develop improvements in the acquisition process to optimize small business concerns, participation and support. In addition, in a collateral capacity, she serves as the Navy Strategic Systems Programs’ Equal Employment Opportunity, Harassment Complaint Officer. These efforts focus on assisting employees who experience discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Ms. Thompsons has over 36 years of experience in the DON Acquisition Workforce community; as a Small Business Professional, Contracting Officer and a Senior Contract Specialist within the DON Acquisition Workforce competency; and as a lead Contracting Officer Representative (COR) within DON Logistics and Program Management competencies.

Ms. Thompson received a Masters of Management Degree in Acquisition and Contract Management, in 2000, from the University of Maryland Global Campus, College Park, Maryland (UMGC). She also received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management, from UMGC in 1994. Ms. Thompson’s other academic achievements include: Navy Strategic Systems Programs Senior Leadership Institute (2017 – Cohort 4 Graduate) and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Kenan-Flagler Business School Senior Leadership Curriculum; Understanding the Government-Industry Relationship in Acquisition (2016 Graduate).

Along with being a member of the Department of Defense Acquisition Professional Community, Ms. Thompson possesses a Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act Small Business Professional Credential and she is Level III certified in Contracting and Level II certified in Life Cycle Logistics and Program Management.